What Is Project: Rebuild Free?

The Premise Is Simple

By empowering each other towards self-sufficiency we all become stronger against tyranny and hardship.

  • We know that changing the course of New Zealand’s future lies in the hands of regular citizens, not in the hands of politicians.
  • We know that the solutions to the challenges that lie ahead, from food shortages to economic downturns will come from the experience of Kiwi’s, not from government policy.
  • We know that knowledge is power, that knowledge put into action drives real change, and that this vital knowledge already exists in the minds of everyday Kiwi’s.
  • We know the experience that one person may take for granted can be life changing for another.
  • And we know that sharing what you know helps everyone grow.

The Premise Is Simple

“Project: Rebuild Free” is therefore the de facto melting pot of knowledge and experience with the sole purpose of lifting everyone towards self-reliance.

It is a living library of resources spanning a variety of topics including food production, community building, security, energy and disaster preparedness to name a few.

It is crowdsourced content provided by the VFF community, made available to everyone for the benefit of all communities.

Freedom that has been lost will not return on a silver platter, it will be taken back as a direct result of everyone regaining their strength in self-sufficiency.

The Rebuild Free knowledge base is therefore free to access, free to share, and founded on the principle of paying it forward.

Your greatest contribution to restoring freedom in New Zealand might just come from a simple principle, habit or hack you know and use every day.

Health & Healing

Know Something Others Don’t? Fantastic!

Share what you know to help everyone grow.