Dehumidifier emptying tank

Eight Quick Ways to Find Water In an Emergency Situation


  1. Melt your ice cubes.
  2. Drain your pipes.
  3. Drain your hot water tank.
  4. Drain your toilet cisterns (not the bowl, and disinfect them to be on the safe side).
  5. The liquid in canned and frozen food can be a source of water.
  6. Use buckets or empty bottles to collect water from nearby sources.
  7. Place plastic bags over a collection of leaves on a bush or small tree; sunlight will cause the leaves to release moisture which will be trapped in the bag.

  8. If you have access to power, a dehumidifier can be used to collect water from the surrounding air.

A solar still takes a little longer to build but knowing how to make one may come in handy.  How to Make a Solar Still

Note: Be sure to treat emergency water supplies appropriately before drinking.

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