Silver bars and coins

You might be hearing a lot of buzz about investing your money in silver and gold rather than property or other investments these days. Why do people think that precious metals are the better bet right now?

These commodities have held their own inherent value since time immemorial. Silver is also in high demand from an industrial point of view, and its value – unlike volatile fiat currency – is relatively secure, and its scarcity drives its price up over time.

It does seem like governments just keep printing more money, right? It’s not entirely wrong, but there is an inevitable mathematical end to the equation. Infinite money debt and the world’s finite resources will ultimately test the limits of human faith. It is only our belief in currency and what it represents that holds the system up.

That’s why it’s tempting to put your faith in something more solid and real, like the old days. Like silver or gold.

But if your budget is already tight, silver is not an ideal investment. You should work out how to get more financially secure first.

In SHTF situations, you’ll want a balance of ready assets to hand. Cash, food, water, and a resilient community in the short term will be far more important than a bunch of metal bars stashed in your safe (and certainly not stored in some investment company’s safe).


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